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Simple Ways to Make Your Chinese New Year’s Celebration a Little More Special

Gong xi fa cai!

This year, we are are welcoming the year of the fire rooster.

It’s that time of the year again: the Lunar New Year. The time of spring’s arrival, hosting of big family gatherings and reunions, and observance of traditions to ring in good fortune and luck that stretches for 15 days of merry festivities and ends with the Lantern Festival.

Like any other annual celebration, we sometimes run out of ideas on what to do to make it special for us and for our families.

But we’ll let you in on a secret: like everything else in events planning, the devil is in the details. Additionally, you don’t always have to have grand and elaborate decorations – sometimes, less is more.

Below are some tips on how decorate your CNY gatherings that will definitely be remembered by family and friends.

Set the mood through colours.

Put a touch of red and orange hues – and a touch of gold – on all the decorations you’re using.

This might be a simple factor but you’ll realize that a lot of people overlook it. Decorate your house with charms and paper lanterns and brightly-colored drapes. Dress up in your royal red cheongsam and hunt for an extra-special looking ang pao to give to your family and friends. Use new orange or pink tablecloths and top them with red pillar candles. Be creative with the use of colours!

Don’t underestimate the power and effects of colours to bring out that festive feel. Put your personal CNY stamp to it. Not only will it look elegant and festive, it will also attract the luck you’ll be needing for the rest of the lunar calendar year.

Focus on the center of festivities – the table setting.

Table settings need not be the traditional formal setting. Of course, it is still a sit-down type of activity but why not add a little flair and twist to it? Some suggested spins to the way you serve and present food are as follows:

  • Use cute and chic, bright red, Chinese take-out boxes as a starter for dinner
  • Play with different types of chopsticks. You need not use the same pair of chopsticks for all the plating sets. Explore with black, red, gold, fuschia-colored lacquer chopsticks. Make it unpredictable and unusual!
  • Explore minimalistic or unique but classy tableware such as bamboo-style or gold-plated flatwares, bamboo shaped glasses, gilt-embroidered table cloth, the list goes on!
  • Have a chic menu print-out on red paper using gold ink.
  • Use low tables and put flat sofa cushions on the floor so your guests can sit down comfortably while enjoying a scrumptious meal.
  • Add some nicely decorated CNY cookies! They are not only edible, they will also add a really nice touch to your food presentation.

These might be small details but it will make all the difference!

Design your place – in and out of the dining area

While gatherings are mostly done in the dining area, CNY is a good reason to really dress up your house for the season. Not only it is auspicious, it is also visually appealing and festive. Below are some suggestions on how you can put subtle but classy accents to your home.

  • Put some phalaenopsis orchid potted flowers around the house. These flowers particularly and instantly add an elegant ambience wherever they are placed – and they last long too!
  • Don’t miss adding festive scents, be it orange or cherry blossoms, ginger, citrus, or whatever celebratory scent you feel like using, it will add a nice touch to your home.
  • Use a lot of art paper and crafts but put a modern twist to it. CNY decorations do not mean your house needs to look like your grandparents’ home two decades ago. There are a lot of contemporary-looking designs you can put in your homes to spice things up.
  • Decorate your house with bespoke candles. Try buying gel candles with nice decorations inside it – like perfectly arranged cherry blossoms, orchids or even peonies!

We hope these tips will help you in prettifying and decorating your homes this coming Chinese New Year. And remember, don’t stress the small stuff – CNY is all about spending quality time with your family and friends!

Below are some visual inspirations on making your CNY celebrations pretty. Scroll down, start planning and enjoy the process!
Once again, gong xi fa cai!

Featured Image: https://pixabay.com/en/chinese-lantern-celebration-chinese-932217/

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