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How Do You Come Up With a Creative Concept For An Event?

Extraordinary… One-of-a-kind… Artistic… Yes, those adjectives describe a perfectly creative concept. A savvy event manager knows that deciding on the event concept will determine the full content of the event, and this in turn will lead to the success of the product in the marketplace, as well as the actualisation of the company’s goals.
In marketing and corporate events, creativity is an absolute necessity. Let’s break it down, shall we?

The “five Ws” are essential. Before anything else, you have to check out the basics.

  • Why?
    Why does the client need to hold an event? What is the purpose of the event? What will it achieve? The event concept must support and meet the objectives.
  • Who?
    Who are the attendees? Who is the target audience? What can we expect from them? How many are coming? Knowing one’s target market is vital when creating a suitable and impressive concept.
  • When?
    When will the event take place? What time or season of the year? Environmental and social elements can be crucial. For instance, if it’s an outdoor event like team building, weather forecasts have to be checked.
  • Where?
    Where is the venue? What’s the most strategic place to hold the party? The size of the venue will depend on the number of expected guests, crew, sets, and equipment. Determining the event timeframe is also essential in making sure that the venue is available for the specified date and time.
  • What?
    What is the budget? Is this a lunch date or a dinner gathering? Is this going to be a cocktail party? What are the party or event needs?What are the things that need to be displayed at the venue?

Ultimately, creativity is at its best if it serves the need of the event and exceeds one’s expectations. Clients highly appreciate it when you delve into their vision and build upon it.

So, why do events need to be creative?

Creativity makes events effective 

When the crowd starts raising their hands and singing or when the people’s eyes are glued on you while you’re talking, they all mean one thing – you got their attention. They like the music. They like your agenda. It’s effective!

It is the same when it comes to marketing events –you have to be creative if you want to effectively introduce the product to its target market and get the audience’s attention.

Creativity makes events memorable 

Remember this: Emotional impact also defines the success or failure of the event.

On April 1st, Coldplay visited Singapore for their worldwide concert tour. Fans were amazed when colorful digital confetti rained down on the venue to commence the event. It was the talk of the town.

Creativity makes you stand out from other brands

A creative display helps when showcasing a company’s advancement in its line of business.

Just like when Samsung launched their latest flagship smartphone, where they set up a wide, 3D screen for everyone to see.

Ready for creative theming?

Brainstorming and researching

The budget. The only limit is your imagination and the resources at hand. The first thing to consider is the sum of money allocated for the event. How much can you spend for the event?

You can jot down the requirements and check the possible total expenditures. Or you can lay down the budget first, and then work on the requisites that can fit the budget.

The atmosphere. An event is “great” when it is one-of-a-kind. It has that extra special “something” that makes it stand out from the rest.Uniqueness often attracts media attention and causes the event to be esteemed and worth remembering.

It simply called the “Wow” factor. And that is where concept creativity comes into the picture.

It should be noted that the theme will define the general atmosphere of the event experience. Appearance, colours, sounds, and trends must be taken into consideration.

Great examples include life-size ice sculptures at a company party, a test-all-you-can area to give consumers hands-on experience with products, and group games to demonstrate good fellowship.

The programme. Event programming means the heedful way in selecting and arranging elements to create a maximum impact on the audience.Maintaining the interest of the crowd until the end is crucial to obtain a surefire success.

The start of the programme should be a build-up towards a climactic finale.

Elements can include dance and music performances, fireworks display, arts and crafts activities, games, and exhibitions.

The creative team. Two heads are better than one, as they always say. Hence, following points delegating tasks is essential to having a timely and well-organised event. You might want to follow points of contact (POC):

Artistic director
This person works side-by-side with the event manager. He or sheis in-charge of the overall artistic direction of the event. This POC coordinates with all other persons-in-charge to create a unified theme.

His or her core function is designing the visual elements of the event. These include sets, props, costumes, posters, and advertisements.

Music director
The role involves selecting the playlist and music background. He or she coordinates with the musical performers.

Performance coordinator
If a number of performances are in the queue, a performance coordinator is necessary. He or she will arrange the performances in accordance with the programming.

Technical director
This role is essential for huge marketing events that needsomeone to direct the production, such as sound, lighting, and special effects.

Production manager
Staging, equipment hiring and installation, and rehearsals will be managed by this POC.

Please note that the creative team varies depending on the demands of the event.

Some creative concepts that you may want to duplicate

 1. The Lost Lectures – These events bring their audience to secret hideouts and unique venues. They can turn an empty swimming pool into a theater.

2. Silent Meeting – Sounds weird, right? The millennials are so into this kind of events. With their headphones on, a huge disco canhappen just next door.

For corporate conferences and team meetings, this type of concept is effective.The speaker’s agenda can go straight into the audience’s ears. Short attention spans can be prevented like the ones in noisy social halls.

3. Bye comfort zone – This is advisable for employees whose focal points are limited to the four corners of the office. Bring them to some of the coolest venues in Singapore, such as the Flyer Capsule and S.E.A. Aquarium.

4. Immersion – Get your audience involved and let them experience first-hand the use of the product or the ins and outs of the company.

5. The Top Secret Gathering –Let the people or your target audience sign up, but only disclose a few hints as to the event. Pique their curiosity and they will certainly feel excited.

Our “creative” pride

At Pride Events, we are known for our creativity and exceptional event management. One of our latest masterpieces was the Singapore Transplant Games that was held on 25 February 2017.

We can turn your vision into a stunning reality. For events that you can be proud of, trust an event company in Singapore with over 20 years of experience and success.

Just give us a call at +65 6443 0080 or visit us at: BLK 61 OXLEY BIZHUB, #02-29 Singapore 408727.

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